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Skype - Keeping You Connected From Half Way Around The World
“Thank God! My dear son, the day has come. We are moving to the United States,” my mom exclaimed. My heart leapt to the sky. After seven years, I could finally move to America and live with my father. I was speechless. The only word that escaped from my lips was, “Really?” After all my hoping and anxious excitement, I was in for a shock. The move from China was a fall from heaven to hell. The first day of school in America, I was totally late; it wasn’t because I slept late, but because I was in a state of extreme fear. When the car turned the last corner, I could see the school faraway. It was like a devil opening its mouth full of sharp teeth, rolling out its tongue, and waiting for me as if I were breakfast. I walked in the building slowly, my hands were wet, my feet were cold, and my heart was machine-gun style shooting. “How can I deal with people that are speaking a language I don’t know?” the question ran around in my brain. “How are you? I’m Mrs. Silva,” a lady asked as she walked closer to me. “Good!” I lied. “Would you like to travel around our high school?” she asked. Too fast. I couldn’t hear it clearly. I couldn’t understand. I just smiled as a response. In my geography class, I turned in a blank... The Facebook Phenomenon
Life as we know it has evolved from a black and white Leave it to Beaver society to a world centered around hippies and free love, to the pop culture saturated 90s, to the millennium era where with a surge in technology, everyone had the sudden need to know everything. This thirst for knowledge didn’t solely consist of book knowledge. It was a whole new level of knowledge the world had never been exposed too. This knowledge was personal, it revolved around a user’s most intimate thoughts that could be shared with the world in an instant. The name behind this evolution, Facebook. In 2004, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg, launched the phenomenon that ushered us into the future. Facebook provided advancements that completely revamped how people interact, public relations as a whole, marketing, the evolution of trends, and how news travels. What started as an idea to provide some college humor, rapidly became the buzz word on the lips of millions. Prior to the Facebook generation, communicating consisted of picking up a phone, talking face to face, or perhaps shooting an email. Communication was rather straight forward and it wasn’t exactly a societal norm to share what you were doing every single day and moment of your life.... Gregorio Galicot: The Internet Is Useful For
I believe the greatest technological communication achievement in the past 10 years is the Internet. The Internet is fast becoming a social media and web search facility in the world, today. In our society, we want everything instantly. The Internet provides instant gratification with access to all types of services. For example, the news is posted at MSN or other news web sites before you hear it on the television. You can contact your friends via face-book, twitter and other social networks instantly. Texting is done simultaneously and allows another way to communicate without actually speaking with the individual. There are many apps available for any type of cell phones, net-books, and computers. More are coming daily. As technology advances with the Internet, communications will be faster and more accurate. The Internet has made computer use more acceptable in more jobs and businesses than we could have dreamed 10 years ago; i.e., food services, medical, supplies, and phone conferencing, planning trips and many other services. The Internet is useful for ordering food and pick-up from the restaurant, the cooks and servers use the Internet to place your order and print your receipt or bill for services. The Internet has a... The Rapid Transmission And Receiving Of Information
Since the dawn of civilized society, humankind has experienced various periods of social evolution with each advance made in technology, science, medicine, and communications. Within the last couple of decades, inventions and improvements made in the area of communication technologies have advanced at a rapid rate. Thanks to components such as television, internet, and a plethora of other pieces of technology, the rapid transmission and receiving of information around the world is essentially simultaneous. However, within the last 10 years, one area of communications that has had the greatest impact on society is the implementation of the cell phone in the daily lives of people all around the world. In the 1990’s, the very thought of owning a cell phone or similar cellular device was not very popular with the majority of society. At the time, the structure of the mobile phone was bulky, unattractive, hard to fit into a pocket or purse, and suffered from poor reception due to the lack of cell phone towers throughout the United States. In addition, these early types of cellular phones did not hold a charge very well, despite having a somewhat large battery. For these reasons, most Americans found it impractical to have within... YouTube Represents The Pinnacle Of What The Internet Can Do For The Individual
The greatest advancement in the information and technology industry over the past ten years is YouTube. This sounds somewhat frivolous, but YouTube represents the pinnacle of what the internet can do for the individual user. YouTube is a way for the average man or women to become famous separate from any kind of publicity machine. Some of the popular videos have extraordinarily low production values and this only adds to their appeal. YouTube shows that the average person still has the power to be noticed and to influence others. YouTube represents individuality. YouTube videos aren’t made with huge production teams. It’s often one person and one camcorder. YouTube shows that the internet is a place where the homogenizing of media is somewhat mitigated by how easy it is for people to get their own opinions online. Anyone can start a blog. Similarly, anyone can create a YouTube video. Through these means, they can share their opinions and ideas with others. Admittedly, the sheer number of YouTube videos ensures that most of them will be lost in the slush. Is it worth making a video if only ten viewers will watch it? Some would say yes, others no. It’s a matter of personal opinion. The fact remains, however, than ten viewers... Smart Phone Is In A Continuous State Of Improvement
Today the exponential growth rate of technological advancement is mind-blowing. It seems like a daily inundation of commercial advertising for the next new and most current gadget. With that steadily happening, the products that affect the way we communicate with each other on the local, national, and international levels are bringing us closer together. But what can be considered as the single most powerful piece of technology? Easily, the smart phone takes center stage. So just what is so fantastic about this device? Could it be its accessibility? With stores everywhere a head can turn carrying phones and with them websites where they can be purchased are easy to search. Or is it the fact that the smart phone is in a continuous state of improvement? One can also factor into the picture all of the applications these devices can run. With more and more businesses becoming wireless cafes, the connectivity is becoming limitless. What can a smart phone offer you? These devices thanks to the mobile web can do just about any task from everyday actions to the complicated functions a business professional would need it to perform. For the local man on the street, a phone could have apps that can be used for social networking to... The Mentality Of Facebook Loops
Evolution – A process where behavior or otherwise physical features change over time; replacing less fit competitors. Unlike Crocodiles, technology and society’s lives have been rapidly changing since the 19th century, revolutionizing new ideas for the sole purpose of creating a better global life. One of the greatest ideas was used to implement a life-saving behavioral post-it note in school zones. The mindful gadget was created in 2003 with the intent of bringing subconscious speeding to the attention of drivers in school zones by instantaneously communicating the drivers’ reflected speed. This instant notification, coupled with the reinforcement of consequence, help fine-tune the behavior choices of the individual. The mentality used became to be known as feedback loops. The principle was simple; an action caused a reaction that was relayed to the individual responsible for the action. At this point the individual could slow down or risk getting a ticket, or worse. The reason that the feedback loop and the debut of the digital display speed-limit sign is not just because it helps save lives, but because it has roots in observational science, re-enforces socialization and learning techniques, and also has sprung the... Video Calls And Wireless Information
Wireless technology has dominated every field of technology since it was first introduced to the market. It has phased out the pay phone and most house phones. Dial-up is something a lot of people don’t remember or even want to remember. With wireless connection, the world has become a more accessible place. Not only do we have cell phones that allow us to communicate by talking and texting, they allow use to have a mini computer in our pockets. With video calls, we can talk to people in different countries as if they were in the same room. Wireless communication has also improved the way we use the internet. Not only is it a lot faster, but it is more available. In small towns where there were a limited amount of internet connections, everyone is able to access the internet now. Through Wi-Fi we are no longer tied down to one room. This wireless accessibility has increased the productivity of the world. Instead of having to come into an office every day for a specific amount of time, people can work from anywhere at any time. Even the way that banks operate has changed. Most banks have e-banking systems that provide easy access to accounts by account holders. The banks are also able to update information through their own... The Internet Was The Start Of Social Media
The greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry in the past ten years would have to be the advancements made on the internet. The telephone is a great example for advancements in communication, but doesn't necessarily give us much in terms of information. The media is a great example of advancements in information; rather obtaining and spreading information. However, the media doesn't provide any means of private communication between individuals. In recent years, we've seen that the internet has actually taken on most, if not all, of the features of both the media and telephones plus many more. There have been new and creative ways of private communication between two or more people ever since the internet was first available. The first way people were able to communicate over the internet was by email. When email first started, it seemed like it came out of nowhere. The significance of email was the ability to leave a message that could be viewed at anytime assuming the person you were trying to contact had a computer to use and, obviously, and email account. After email, we were able to use instant messaging (IM). The significance of instant messaging was that people were able to... MCU or a Multi-Connector Unit
One of the greatest advancements in communication technology industry would be video communications. There are two types of video conferencing, which are point-to-point video conferencing and the multipoint video conferencing. Point-to-point is a simple process in which two computers can be connected using a single IP address. This is done by utilizing a web cam and a microphone that are linked to each computer, this allows each caller to see and talk to each other. This type of video conferencing is used mostly for personal video phone calls. While Multi-point video conferencing employs several system variations depending on how big or small the groups are. The first method uses a multi-point bridge also known as MCU or a Multi-Connector Unit. The MCU is set up either as a standalone computer or server to where three or more users can connect. The second method is employed by using a room system wherein multiple cameras and microphones are used inside a bigger conference room for larger groups. The third method utilizes a roll-about system which uses a cart with microphone, camera and codec all in one place. This is ideal for smaller groups and can be moved from room to room since it is portable. Video conferencing gave... Smartphones And Regular Cell Phones
The greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry over the last ten years would most likely be the development of the smart phone technology. There have been numerous advances in technology over the past years, but many times these advances are working on only one aspect. One example of this mp3 players; mp3 players simplified the way one listens to music by reducing what a CD does into computer sound files. However smart phone technology has unified the many advances in technology into one device and simplified communication making them the greatest advancement in information and communication technology in the past ten years. The main difference between smart phones and regular cellphones is in their applications. Regular cellphone capabilities usually consisted of calling and some tools, such as a calculator or alarm. However, more applications were developed for cell phone technology. The first advance was the use of text messaging systems which allowed for messages of text to be sent to another cellular device. Much like sending e-mails to people, this allowed for people to be reached and quick messages to be sent back and forth, enabling communication to be delayed if the person... Most Cell Phones Can Get The Job Done
Information and communication technology has never stopped becoming more advanced and convenient for the human race. We strive for the newest and best in software and hardware. In the last ten years, I believe that mobile phones have been our greatest information and communication advancement thanks to their: low price, convenience and reliability, and (most recently) their connection to the internet. Cellular phones are updated almost daily due to the drastic changes we apply to them every year. We have spent trillions of dollars on a small device that has completely changed the way Americans are entertained, work, and communicate together. Back in 2001, the price of a cell phone did not vary as much as today. Camera phones were just beginning to become available and text messaging was meant for pagers. Basic cell phones have maintained an affordable price over the last ten years. The few smartphones that were available back in 2001 through 2003 the public could not afford. Over the last ten years, a standard cellular device has cost from ten to 100 dollars. Any average cell phone cost around twenty dollars. Many phones at this time would do what people wanted, call. In 2011, mobile phones are now available at no cost to... The Accessibility Of The Cell Phone
Cell phones used to be a luxury only for the rich or for business people. A person knew that someone was important if he or she could pull out a giant black brick with a long antenna at a moment’s notice. Children owning cell phones was almost unheard of; only the spoiled children of a wealthy parent could possibly own one, and even then it was only for emergencies. Now people can do more than call their friends and family; they can access their email, download music, or play hours of mindless games on one’s cell phone. Communication and entertainment is now possible no matter where a person is standing. These apps and toys are wonderful, but it is not what can be done on a cell phone that is the greatest advancement in the communications industry, but its accessibility to the average person to because it provides security, safety, and effective communication for almost everyone. The accessibility of the cell phone is an important advancement because it greatly promotes security. Before cell phones were around, or before it was easy for a person to own a cell phone, people had to depend on pay phones or the kindness of a storeowner in order to call someone. People could not feel as secure about going to new places or going...

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